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Final Adjustments

Just a few minutes till the car arrives and time for those last minute checks on the dress…View full post »

Long Country Walks

Little things make all the difference – such as when your hands are cold and inside your jacket and yet yourView full post »

The Grinning Dad and a reflection

One of my favourite candids from this year – it makes me smile every time i see it! The grin, coupled with theView full post »

Flower girls

Flower girls and page boys – running down the aisle, running up the aisle…in fact running everywhere! IView full post »

The Snowman and the Tree

Taken at Wollaton hall on Sunday – the freezing fog helps a lot with this shot – very Christmassy!View full post »

Try a little Tenderness

It’s always nice to catch emotion at a wedding – and they’re usually packed full of laughter, tearsView full post »

Winter Landscapes

I took the time over the weekend to photograph some landscapes – the freezing fog and winter sun helped to getView full post »

Wollaton in Winter

I took a long walk around Wollaton Hall and lake yesterday, just before the thaw began. I find Wollaton to be soView full post »

Vintage Romance in Black and White

I always liked those old romantic photos from early cameras – that almost ‘Hollywood’ feel to them andView full post »

Piggy Backs

Piggy backs are fun – especially when you’re running around! Love Joanna’s hair in this shot!View full post »

By the River

Another image from Joanna and Luke’s recent pre-wedding shoot – this one was captured as Joanna and LukeView full post »

Winter Has Arrived

Managed to grab some nice images of Wollaton Hall yesterday at sunrise – and blimey, it was cold! Tried to giveView full post »

A Helping Hand

The bridesmaid’s job is never done on the day – always helping to make the bride’s day absolutelyView full post »


Veils can be very difficult to catch in an image – delicate, transparent in most light – very tricky…View full post »


Here’s a great shot of a speech made at Gary and Diane’s wedding in Wales – I love the sheer intensityView full post »

The First Dance

Brides look forward to it…grooms…don’t. Having a hundred people watch you dance is intimidating at theView full post »


Everyone loves confetti! Especially the bridesmaids! Always brings a smile to everyone’s face – just wish IView full post »

Family Ties

Weddings are often a great chance to catch up with family who you haven’t seen in a while – and the oddView full post »

Final Moments

The last few moments before the wedding cars arrive to whisk the bride away to her groom…I adore the reflection inView full post »


Bouquets come in a million styles and shapes for the big day – but they always look stunning!View full post »

Tears of Joy

Nothing nicer than tears of joy at a wedding – those moments like the vows, the first dance and a moving speechView full post »


Always lots of hugs at a wedding – and great to capture them! This image is a moment after Jodie’s firstView full post »

Looking to the Future

I adore this style of image – the mood in the scene, the detail on the dress as it flows in the breeze behind theView full post »

The Best Man

One of the most important jobs on the day…and for the stag do! Haven’t seen a best man yet who wasn’tView full post »

Quiet Times

Weddings are hectic to say the least! There are always those quieter moments though which offer a breather and a chanceView full post »

The dress…

The dress is one of the most important parts of the day and something that every bride has designed in her mind fromView full post »

Sometimes the moment just happens…

I’m not a big fan of ‘posed’ moments because everyone can normally tell. This particular image wasn&#View full post »

Stunning Locations – Hodsock Priory

No matter where you get married, it’s always a special place – this is from Eddy and Jodie’s weddingView full post »

Fine art in wedding photography

Here is a picture of Kim getting ready – the photo just suited a fine art effect for a more timeless feel. I loveView full post »

Men in Suits with Broad Grins!

Sometimes the moment just occurs and I’m glad I’m there as a photographer. This is a wonderful moment fromView full post »

Photo of the Day – Champagne!

What bottle to celebrate the opening of my blog than a picture of a bottle of champagne being opened at Gary and Diane&#View full post »

Every blog has to have a beginning!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog which officially commenced on October 25th 2010! I plan to upload a photo a dayView full post »