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So much to learn…and every single thing is examined with complete concentration! I still to this day have no ideaView full post »

Harrison and Nana

Harrison continues his repertoire of expressions in this shot, taken with his Nan Karen – I think he was lookingView full post »


I had the great pleasure of shooting Harrison over Easter – not only from the photography side but also fromView full post »


A simple capture here of a small brook in the lakes near Ulvaston water. Slow shutter speeds to blur the water and thenView full post »


This was  a beautiful evening and the long suffering Amanda had to wait for sundown with me to take this shot – aView full post »

Blairwith Beck

Blairwith beck is a small stream that runs into Windermere, close to the Northern edge of the Lake. This shot was takenView full post »

Karen and Kevin

A beautiful portrait – absolutely love the way this one came out and Amanda tells me that she wants one of us likeView full post »

Lake Windermere at Sunset

One from my recent trip to the Lakes – this is taken from a secluded area (read: difficult to get to withoutView full post »

The Ullswater Pass

What a glorious weekend – my first time in the Lakes and some of the best weather for years! While I didn’tView full post »

Last Minute Details

Lovely candid shot of Joanna a few minutes prior to the walk down the aisle to meet Luke. The final few moments areView full post »

Bringing the detail into Focus

Detail is an important part of the day – many many hours are spent agonising over table layouts, flowers and theView full post »

Taken during the afternoon after the ceremony, Joanna and Luke with close friends in the background. I like the feel toView full post »

Moment in time

Taken during the wedding breakfast – a touching moment between Joanna and her Dad. Moments like this are pricelessView full post »


This was a fun moment when most of the close family took a long walk around the grounds of Ringwood Hall following theView full post »

The Bride Alone

This stunning shot of Joanna was taken at Ringwood Hall shortly after the ceremony – I love the pose in this andView full post »

With this ring….

The exchange of rings is always a very special moment – I think couples always seem to realise then that ‘View full post »

The first dance

Here is a shot of Joanna and Luke during the first dance – came out amazingly well on the video I took also!View full post »

Mother of the Bride

I will be posting some shots of Joanna and Luke’s fabulous wedding over the coming weeks. This one is a reallyView full post »

1000 Yard Stare

A shot of Stylus – taken on the rooftop of the old metals factory in Sheffield. Almost a Sin City style effectView full post »


Another shot from the recent urban shoot – taken in a dank basement of a disused metals factory with EddyView full post »


March has been such a busy month – hardly had time to update my blog. Lots of photos coming soon but over the nextView full post »

Broken Mirrors

A shot from the photo shoot with Eddie Audiojunkie – using broken mirrors to create different reflections and aView full post »

Photography or Digital Art?

The debate rages about photoshopping of images – some like it, some hate it. Some people want a little skinView full post »

Sealed with a Kiss

I don’t think words are really necessary here….Joanna and Luke just after the vows.View full post »

Love and a Winter Sun

One of the first shots of Joanna and luke’s wedding last month – the wedding was held at the stunningView full post »

Wollaton in black and white

The final few images from my film shoot at Wollaton – again using the Olympus and Tri X film. The tones areView full post »

In Memoria

Wollaton Hall has a small monument to those who have fallen in wars and this attracts visitors from all over the world.View full post »

Dark and Moody

Another shot from the shoot with Seun. The whole idea for the session was a darker theme with dramatic lighting. I wasView full post »

Olympic Sprint Team

I had the privilege of meeting one of the guys training for the sprint team in the Olympics recently. Seun is a greatView full post »


Another shot taken using Tri X film on the Olympus – a classic style image of a pathway leading into the distanceView full post »

Sunlight on a Frozen Lake

This shot was taken with Tri X film during the recent bad weather in the UK. I shot this late in the day andView full post »

To film or not to film?

Hi everyone – sorry for my absence but January has been an exceptionally busy month (but a very positive one!). IView full post »

Gabrielle – A portrait in black and white

Another shot from the portrait shoot with Gabrielle – I love the catchlight in the eye and the whole feel of thisView full post »

Wishing you all the best for the Festive Season

However you choose to celebrate the break – I wish you all the best for you and your families. See you in 2011!View full post »

Gabrielle Portrait

I was fortunate to have the chance to take Gabrielle’s portrait yesterday – this is one of the first imagesView full post »

Summer and Winter – the Changing Seasons

2 shots here of my favourite tree which is on the shoreline at Wollaton. The first is taken using HDR (High DynamicView full post »